About the Food Policy Fund

The Food Policy Fund is the 501(c)(4) allied organization of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

We believe GMOs should be banned until proven safe, but in the interim we support legislative initiatives to contain their spreading. Our aim is to reach a tipping point of consumers who reject GMOs, and we regard consumer education and mobilization as the necessary arm of any legislative effort. We partner with other 501(c)(4)s, have co-signed several legislative initiatives and support national, state, and grassroots action

FPF is focused on the development of policies that promote the mandatory labeling of GMOs, the creation of GMO-free zones and other measures to safeguard human and environmental health. We strongly support independent, non-corporate controlled testing of GMOs and wish to hold the FDA accountable to creating sound testing protocols.

We have reserved a special place on this web page to the California Ballot Initiative also known as the California Right To Know Campaign or the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, because we regard it as an exemplary game changer.

We encourage people from other states who wish to put forth GMO labeling legislation, to consider the two available options: one, find a champion legislator willing to introduce a bill in your state; and two, emulate the example of the California ballot Initiative in your state.

We want to hear from you and include your voice in these pages; we want to stay close to our supporters in many states. If you have news or questions please direct them to
Food Policy Fund Legislative Director@responsibletechnology.org